How To Keep Your Loft Ladders Clean

Homeowners with lofts in their house needs to invest in a strong and durable aluminum loft ladder for easy accessibility. Loft ladders are a must to have in homes that have high lofts turned into beautiful usable places. Lofts are not only made for storage but it can also be turned into a very beautiful living area or a study or a play area for the children. Anything you would like to do with the place is your choice but you would need easy accessibility to the place. That is where aluminum loft ladders come into the picture. According to experts aluminum loft ladders are the best as they are highly durable and can last longer. They are moisture resistant and hence don’t get rusty. Once installed you can have the peace of mind that they will last you for a long time. But, can you take them for granted? Simply because an aluminum loft ladder is durable does not mean that they are beyond maintenance. Keeping it in good shape is no big deal and you can do it all very easily. What you have to do is just maintain it nicely and keep it clean.

Even if rust will not hold on to your loft ladder aluminum loft ladders will start to show a patch after some time. This is normal because it is aluminum oxide formation that gives it a gray color. The formation on the ladder needs to be removed so that it can appear shiny again.

So how to keep the ladder clean?

Keeping the aluminum loft ladder clean is not a big job. There are some simple steps involved like the following:

Start with a scrub to remove the surface dirt. You would need nothing more than a bucket of warm water, a cloth and some soap water. If the ladder is stored somewhere outside then it might be extra dirty and you would need some serious scrubbing to make it appear as good as new.

The next step would be to get an acidic aluminum cleaner to get rid of the aluminum oxide that has accumulated on the loft ladder. There are plenty of those available in the market. You can either grab one from the store or if you are looking for a home remedy then vinegar also works fine. Take a cloth and dip it in vinegar and then rub the length of the ladder with the same. You leave it for10 minutes and then wipe it off. It should come off easily but if the patches are stubborn then you would need to use a stiff brush.

Finally use a clean cloth and wipe the loft ladder nicely. Make sure to wipe it thoroughly so that there is no trace of oxide left. Plus it should not be slippery or there can be the risk of injuries.

Lastly, you should be careful about how you are storing the loft ladder as it plays a role in preventing a second build-up of aluminum oxide. So, you should store it in a clean place that is free from any moisture and dry.